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We warmly welcome you to our institutional website where you will find information about our consulting services in peruvian energy sector. Our specialized services include business advisory on peruvian power sector, hydrocarbon and natural gas.  We focus  our  research on energy policy and investment in peruvian energy markets.

Our experts publish relevant information about the energy sector. The latest trends in public policy, business, and industrial regulation in the hydrocarbons, natural gas and renewable energy sub-sectors. 

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Our specialized
advisory services in peruvian energy markets

Key services offered:

Business advice in power sector.

Business advice in hydrocarbons and natural gas.

Business advice in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

​Business advice in energy planning.

Training in energy investment projects.

Training in electromobility.


Advisory services in development of energy projects. 

Research on the structure of the energy industry.

Normative and regulatory procedures.

Formulation of energy finance projects. 

Legal procedures and permits.


Advice on natural gas supply, transport and distribution businesses.

Research on natural gas regulation issues.

Advice on parity prices for the import and export of liquid hydrocarbons.

Hydrocarbon market research.


Advice on energy efficiency policies.

Formulation of decarbonization models.

Advice on regulatory compliance with energy efficiency labeling.

Business development in energy efficiency.

Training in energy efficiency standards.


Energy demand studies.

Top down and bottom up modeling of energy demand.

Sectoral econometric models of energy. 


Advice on the formulation of energy policy on the insertion of renewable energies in the energy system.

Energy research on flexibility of the electrical power system.

Advice on distributed generation applications.


Advice on policy formulation of the electricity sub-sector. Advice on regulatory projects.

Regulatory advice.

Advice on business intelligence.

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frequently asked questions
What is meant by sustainable development?

It is that development that allows the current generation to meet their needs and that can provide capabilities to the new generations to meet their own needs according to their own context.

What is energy planning?

It is a process in which an analysis of energy uses and sources seeks to achieve the objectives of energy policy.

What is the role of energy in sustainable development?

Provide energy for the operation of economic sectors with affordable and environmentally friendly prices.

What is NEGLISAC’s proposal?

Contribute to the development of the energy sector, through regulatory and regulatory proposals that promote sustainable energy projects.

Latest energy business news


Natural gas used in the smelting of tin concentrate and refining of tin metal continues to increase.

In April operations were paralyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic, in August (06.08.20) the demand was 1.3 MMPCD.


The fuel refinery continues to grow the demand for natural gas.

In April (30.04.20) it consumed 8.3 MMPCD while in August (07.08.20) it has a consumption of 11.3 MMPCD.


Through the combustion of natural gas used in the rolling of steel, the production of this product continues to increase. In April (30.04.20) it was paralyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic, in August (06.08.20) the demand was 4.3 MMPCD.. 


During the month of June 2020, 29940 barrels per day of oil was produced. In January 2020, production was 59804 barrels per day.

As for liquid hydrocarbons, in June 2020 114027 barrels per day were produced, while in January 2020 production was 146235 barrels per day.

Natural gas production in June 2020 was 832.7 MMPCD. In January 2020 the production was 1211.7 MMPCD.

Natural Gas

The demand for natural gas in the distribution of the Cálidda Concession continues to grow. In April (30.04.20) the demand was 177.1 MMPCD, IN aUGUST (07.08.20) the demand was 590.4 MMPCD. 

Industrial Plants

The use of natural gas used in the production of ceramics continues to increase. In August (07.08.20) the demand was 8.2 MMPCD.

In the production of glass in August (07.08.20) there was a demand of 3.3 MMPCD.

Likewise, in the production of yarns in August (07.08.20), the demand was 2.5 MMPCD.