Experienced Professionals

Negocios Globales Inteligentes is a Peruvian consulting firm specialized in energy, economics and business issues. It focuses on advising and researching energy topics in the sub-sectors hydrocarbons, natural gas, electricity and renewable energy.

Negocios Globales Inteligentes is made up of top-level professionals with doctoral studies in economics, business master’s degree, engineering and economics training at universities in the United States, Canada, UK and Peru.​

Experience in advising on the formulation of public energy policy to public sector entities. We advice to Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines, Peruvian regulatory agency OSINERGMIN and Peruvian promotion agency on hydrocarbon PERUPETRO. 

Experience in advising companies in the energy sector. We advice to peruvian generating, transmission and distribution companies. Also, we advice to peruvian hydrocarbon and natural gas companies.

Experience in advising free users of the electricity sector on power purchase agreement.

Experience in advising on commercial transactions in energy.

Rosendo Ramirez

Electrical engineer UNI. PhD in Economics Fordhamd University NY USA. PhD in Government and Public Policy USMP.

Santiago León

Electrical engineer UNAC. Doctoral studies in UNMSM Administration. MBA UQAM Canada. USIL MBA.

Javier Matos

Lawyer of the PUCP. Master in Energy Law and Policy from the University of Dundee UK.