Energy transition

Voltaje regulation with variable energy sources

To make the energy transition feasible, the role that innovation will play is essential. The energy policy must accompany the regulations that promote its use through a market mechanism that optimizes energy resources. ​

This article discusses the contribution of variable energy sources in the regulation of voltage in the electrical power system.

The state of the technological art of power electronics allows solar power plants to provide reactive energy even when there is no solar radiation.

August 2020.


Mining and Sustainable Energy

The document presents a discussion of the contribution of energy efficiency and the energy sources that the country has to make Peruvian mining one of the most competitive globally.

Likewise, proposals are formulated to build a sustainable mining sector with a vision of extractive mining towards an industry with added value. It is possible for human capital, technology and the community to work in harmony to build a better country where everyone benefits and sustainable development goals are achieved.

September 2020


Re-Thinking Transmission Infrastructure Construction

The document presents a discussion of the main reasons for the delays in the construction of the transmission infrastructure. It includes an analysis of the construction time of the projects awarded by ProInversión in the last decade.

Likewise, proposals are formulated to accelerate the construction of the transmission infrastructure that will facilitate the energy transition through the transfer from the production centers of the electrical energy generated with variable renewable sources and the demand concentrated in demand poles. For these proposals, the construction processes in Colombia and Chile were reviewed.

October 2020


RER insertion in the electricity system as Public Policy

The document presents a discussion of the fundamentals of the insertion of renewable energy resources in the electrical system as a public policy. A review of the situational status of the main regulations that are pending to be formulated and approved is carried out so that there can be a diversification of the electrical matrix in the context of the commitments assumed by the country in the global agenda of climate change and energy transition.

A discussion is formulated on the need to build smart grids to significantly enhance distributed generation. The role of distribution companies in the distributed generation scenario is also discussed.

December 2020


Transferencia de riesgos regulatorios a usuarios libres

The document presents a discussion on the transfer of regulatory risk in electricity supply contracts to free users.

A discussion is formulated on the trade-off of optimal risk management between the generator and the free user.

January 2021