Applied Engineering

Electrical Studies

Thinking about your electrical project, we support make decision in generation, transmission and distribution investment projects.


Electrical studies to interconnect your project at main electrical grid in Peru

Electrical Congestion

Estimates of transmission congestion witth impact to generation dispatch

Energy resources assesment

Assesment of wind speed and solar irradiation for electrical generation

Electrical Interconexion studies

Electrical operation codes in economic dispatch ask investor to make electrical studies about the impact of electrical projects interconexion in the main electrical grid. 

  • Power Flow Analysis
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Power System Stability

Congestion studies

What about economic dispatch in presence of transmission congestion?  Nowadays, one of the main issues is transmission congestion in electrical nodes where most renewable energy projects inject power to the grid. Think about your incomes associated to economic dispatch. We can advice you in this kind of problems relationated with investment

Energy resource assesment

Be sure about your incomes from energy dispatch. We analyse and assess primary energy resource that you use in your generation project. Since the point of view of supply, generation company must be sure about its incomes relationed with energy disposible. 

  • Wind Speed
  • Solar Irradiation
  • Precipitation