More Experienced Specialists, Electrical Market Knowledge, Competence To Optimize Electrical Energy Costs

NEGLISAC advises free users who have a consumption greater than 200 kW to optimize the billing payment for the use of electrical energy that allows them to carry out their production and service operations.

Our specialists have negotiated electricity supply contracts for mining and industrial companies with contract volumes greater than 100 MW.

Our specialists have also negotiated electricity supply contracts for medium and small production and service companies, with contract volumes greater than 200 kW (0.2 MW).​

Our negotiation proposal covers billing optimization estimates based on the search for the best electricity supply offer. We advise from obtaining the proposals to the accompaniment of the billing verification.

Our engineers have the knowledge and experience of billing optimization. They have negotiated from the generator side as well as from the demand side, which is why asymmetries are reduced in the negotiation of supply contracts. Our lawyers have experience in reviewing and formulating clauses, as well as drafting supply contracts. They have participated in negotiations with the improvements in the clauses that add value to consumers. We offer management of normative, regulatory and procedural risks in electricity supply contracts.

We only require that you send us an invoice and we will inform you of the energy savings that can be achieved without any commitment.

Our specialists will analyze the information and contact you.

In the link to the attached email, please send the invoice and contact information.

Absolute privacy about your billing data.